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CLT’s Chalk Talk is a biweekly newsletter with short contributions by faculty and staff members on innovative pedagogies and technologies.

If you want to contribute with a chalk talk, please use the following guidelines then submit your article to bali@aucegypt.edu.

AUC CLT New Chalk Talk Guidelines for Authors


We publish first-person articles on topics related to teaching and learning, or experience as a faculty member at AUC. Submissions should be 800 to 1,300 words and written in a conversational, journalistic style. For submissions or questions, email bali@aucegypt.edu.

AUC’s Center for Learning and Teaching publishes its newsletter, New Chalk Talk, biweekly. The newsletter is intended for an AUC faculty audience, and is disseminated digitally via email and on our website, as well as in hard copy, delivered to departments and in the faculty lounge. In fall 2019, we hope to also publish all newsletters as a blog, so that readers can post comments and authors can respond to them directly on the blog. Posting material on the blog also means that the articles will become accessible to a wider audience beyond AUC faculty and perhaps beyond AUC altogether.

What kind of topics are covered in New Chalk Talk?

We welcome submissions from AUC faculty and staff on topics related to teaching and learning, including sharing their own experiences, reflections, opinions, reporting on events or interventions, or preliminary research on teaching and learning. CLT also occasionally republishes articles from blogs and trade journals. If you are unsure about whether your article idea would fit NCT, contact NCT editor Maha Bali bali@aucegypt.edu to discuss.

Writing style

We expect authors to submit articles in accessible language, without excessive use of jargon. This is not an academic peer-reviewed journal, but something that another faculty member from a different discipline should be able to read quickly and relate to. Articles are not peer-reviewed but they are edited by a CLT editor. Any references used will be expected to be in APA style,  but if you are unfamiliar with this, CLT editor can help.

Expected Length

Approximately 1,000 words (800-1,300), to fit on two-sided A4 including any images and references. If the first draft of your article is longer, CLT editor will work with you to distill it to a more manageable length – which may occasionally exceed our suggested length.

Submission timelines 

There are no deadlines for submitting articles to New Chalk Talk. We welcome submissions at any time, and if you are unsure about whether your article idea would fit NCT, contact NCT editor Maha Bali bali@aucegypt.edu to discuss. The timing of the publication of the final edited version of the article will depend on other articles we have in the pipeline and a variety of factors. CLT will keep you posted on expected publication date, usually within a couple of months from submission.

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