How Do I Add an Assignment to a Course in Moodle?


Common Steps for adding an assignment (Applies for all assignment types)

  1. Enter the course
  2. Click on Turn Editing On to activate editing
  3. Go to the topic where you want the assignment  to be placed
  4. Click on the Add an activity dropdown menu
  5. Select the type of assignment you want (You will be redirected to Adding a new Assignment page)
  6. Go to the Assignment name field, and give your assignment a name
  7. Type in the Description field your assignment body (text)
  8. Set the grade from the Grade field
  9. Set the start and end dates of the assignment from Available from, Due date fields
  10. You can prevent or allow late students’ submissions from the prevent late submissions dropdown menu

To watch a quick video on how to add an Assignment to your Moodle course, visit the below link: